Rapid Prototyping Digital Cluster Instrument

Rapid Prototyping Digital Cluster Instrument

Create new concepts with little effort

How will the cluster instrument of future look like? With the introduction of new technologies into car dashboards many mechanical components loose their importance.

Humain enabled easy evaluation of different lighting effects to improve readability and reduce the driver distraction. We also took various interaction concepts into account, so the content of the cluster instrument could be modified in several ways.

Highlight: The new concept can easily be adapted to different car models, design changes or, just as simple, to different car makers. It also does not rely on a single platform but can be evaluated outsided the car, e.g. on tablets.


German premium car maker


Easy prototyping of new visualization and interaction with digital cluster instruments


Unity3D, Android services, CAN


HMI Design and Konzept, Framework for simple manipulation of visual components, Connection to the car's CAN busses
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