Microchip Gesture Presenter

Microchip Gesture Presenter

The products of Microchip are usually invisible to users: microprocessors and semiconductors smaller than a thumbs nail, buried deep inside of consumer products and cars.

For showcasing the, usually invisible, technologies of Microchip, a car interior mockup with innovative interaction concepts was built.

Besides the integration mirroring functionalities for different smartphone brands, the gesture recognition capabilities became the main attraction. Especially the impressive multimodal interaction through touch screen, rotary push button and gestures made this project one of the top highlights of Microchips exhibition booth on CES 2015.


Microchip Technology Inc.


Creative demonstration showing capabilities of several Microchip hardware components


HTML5/JS/CSS, VNC, Capacitive Gesture Recognition


HMI design and concept, Implementation, On-site-support
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