Humain is your specialist for Interface Design, Interaction Design, UX Design and Usability Engineering. We go where it hurts the most: in the field that decides the meaning, success and efficiency of a product. The interface between human and machine.

We use the latest technology where it makes sense and squeeze the best out of existing environments. We bring along heaps of experience with different industries and aims and stand for innovative solutions, maximum efficacy and astonishing results.

Understanding problems

We analyse the context of use and identify what hinders or makes the user fail. Be it automotive, industrial usability or pure UX Design: without knowing how the user approaches different tasks, one will never find out what the perfect interface would be.

State requirements

We do not only state our analysis results formally correct, they also are the basis for all the further utilization throughout the technical application.

Provide structure

We create a robust, scalable and performant information architecture as a foundation to a convincing UX Design.

Driving innovations

We are specialists for prototyping, since nothing accelerates finding solutions to complex problems like focused creation, testing, analyzing and improvement until you get satisfying results. We master all the necessary tools to exactly that. Our first choice for rapid prototyping is Unity3D. The results are incredibly impressive on every platform, from embedded, to mobile, to desktop.

Drawing attention

We put innovations into perspective, with creativity and great brand loyalty, for trade shows and all other gigs. Taking care of the interaction design as well as the right choice of implementation and presentation. Is it a completely new human machine interface? Or maybe the self explanatory visualization of otherwise invisible technology? We are here to help.

Identifying unused potential

Starting with the current state we start our journey together. Sometimes you do not need something  that was never seen before. At times everything is laid out in front of your feet and just waits to be put together.

Think ideas through

We help you to develop further your ideas and make them tangible. Through our creative usage of technology enables us to invent completely new concepts, no matter if it is a simple HMI visualization for evaluation purposes or a prototypical implementation based on real data. To achieve that we can rely on heaps of experience with difference concepts and a broad spectrum of technologies from the automotive and engineering world.