Atmel/Silicon Image: Center Stack Presenter

Atmel/Silicon Image: Center Stack Presenter

For CES 2015, Atmel and Silicon Image ordered innovative presenters that showcase the innovative technology of the two companies. One key aspect was the screen mirroring for smartphones as well as the the sophisticated sensors and curved display.

Adaptive UI turning towards the user

The proximity sensors of the center console recognize if it is the driver or the passenger approaching the display. The UI adapts accordingly. In addition the integrated ambience lighting enables the reduction of driver distraction by coloring the different contexts like navigation, music and phone individually.


Atmel, Silicon Image


Simulation einer neuartigen Mittelkonsole mit gewölbter Oberfläche


HTML5/JS/CSS, MHL, Proximity sensing, Adaptive Interface


HMI Design, HMI concept, UI/UX concept, Implementation, On-site support
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